The Deed feat. Gölä:
Peter Deed (Keiser) Bass / Ueli Deed (Bleuler) Guitar / Inn-Deed (Gölä) Lead Vocal / John Deed (Woolloff) Guitar / Martin Deed (Chabloz) Keyboard / Walter Deed (Keiser) Drums

The Deed Guests:
Jimmy Barnes, duet with Gölä on “After It’s Over” / Corinne Gfeller, Backing Vocal / Hedreich Nichols, Backing Vocal / John “Juke” Logan, Harmonica on “Wicked On Your Mind”

Name: Inn-Deed

Place of birth: Emmental, Switzerland.

Home base: Berner Oberland, Switzerland.

Former band mates: I always had my own bands. Collaborations with Jimmy Barnes, Bellamy Brothers…

The Deed info: As a singer and songwriter my aim was always to work with the best musicians I can get and to found the most powerful band of Switzerland.

Hobbies: Fishing no fish.

Dating game: Got everything (wife, kids, dogs, cats…).

Influences: Lynyrd Skynyrd / Jimmy Barnes / Bob Seger / John Hiatt and many, many more…

Getting started: I was an avid Kiss fan and wanted to become as famous as they were. So I founded my first band (Destroyer) at the age of thirteen.

Name: Peter Deed

Place of birth: Zurich, Switzerland.

Home base: Zurich, Switzerland.

Former band mates: Gola & Walter since 20 years.

The Deed info: Gola, Walter and I had always the idea do to excactly an album like “Hour Of The Thief”…

Hobbies: Italian cuisine, but not to “Haute”, better “Good”.

Dating game: Find the time to ride my racing bike (of course only after shaving my legs!).

Influences: Good music, especially good bass riffs.

Getting started: When I was very young.

Name: Ueli Deed

Place of birth: Zurich, Switzerland.

Home base: Zurich, Switzerland.

Former band mates: Recorded and performed with various bands in Switzerland, USA and Mexico.

The Deed info: I used to produce jingles in a studio where Peter Deed worked – he already knew Gola and recommended me for the band.

Hobbies: Can’t live without books!

Dating game: Married, two boys.

Influences: Great rockbands (Kiss, AC/DC, Aerosmith), songwriters (John Hiatt, Bryan Adams, Tom Petty) and guitarists (Gary Moore, Albert Collins).

Getting started: I started playing piano and guitar as a little kid. As a teenager I got into playing drums, singing and composing.

Name: Martin Deed

Place of birth: Morges, Switzerland.

Home base: Lausanne, Switzerland.

Former band mates: Michel Jonasz, Henri Dès, Fernando Saunders, Gola, Nubya and many more…Studio musician on more than 100 albums for different artists around europe. I am currently running my own studio, producing singers and songwriters.

The Deed info: After working for Gola’s last Swiss german record and sharing with him big stages around the country, I was asked to join The Deed in 2010. Before that, I have been playing on many projects with John Woolloff since 30 years and with the Keiser twins for 17 years.

Hobbies: Hiking in nature, travelling, reading and eating fine food.

Influences: The Beatles / Led Zeppelin / Pink Floyd / Sting / Ravel / Debussy / Keith Jarrett and many more…

Dating game: Married.

Getting starded: Started to take piano lessons at the age of 7. Classical studies and Jazz school in Lausanne. But learned almost everything by playing and recording with loads of bands.

Name: Walter Deed

Place of birth: Zurich, Switzerland.

Home base: Mitloedi…in the mountains of Switzerland.

Former band mates: Andreas Vollenweider / Ivano Fossati / Pippo Pollina / Shivananda …

I played many different studio sessions and album productions (approx. 150 LPs & CDs).

On concert tours with Andreas Vollenweider I was playing all around the world in the most famous venues like Carnergie Hall and Radio City Music Hall in New York, Kennedy Center in Los Angeles, Palladium in London etc. Andreas Vollenweider and I are a musical team since the first days of the band „Andreas Vollenweider & Friends“ back in the early 80’s. The international received awards (like the Grammy Award in 1986) are also an appreciation of our musical work.

The Deed info: I hit the drums and take care of the groove.

Hobbies: Cooking…cooking…and cooking…gardening. Listening to good music.

Dating game: Single.

Influences: John Bonham / Ginger Baker / Billy Cobham / Steve Gadd….and all the good drummers. / Beatles / Led Zeppelin / Weather Report.

Getting started: At the age of 14 I learned to play the Swiss marching drum….the best basic. One Saturday my neighbour asked me if I would like to form a band and play the drums…I said yes…so we played Beatles songs… My teacher said I have to decide if I want to play drums or marching drums…I decided to play the drums…and I still love it a lot.

Name: John Deed

Place of birth: London, England.

Home base: Geneva, Switzerland.

Former band mates: Played with a lot of French pop stars over the last 40 years.

The Deed info: Been playing with the guys for a few years now…

Hobbies: Painting, watches, guitars, music.

Dating game: married, two kids, one grandkid.

Influences: Jeff Beck / Mark Knopfler / Hank Marvin / Albert Lee.

Getting started: First picked up a guitar at 8 years old, formed a band with my big brother Bob when I was eleven. Toured around England and Germany, then came to Switzerland to join a band. Planned to stay a few weeks, that was fifty years ago !!!!!!!!